Don’t just stand there!

This afternoon I was sitting at the dining table tinkering with some electronics when out of no where came a clash of metal from outside. It sounded like a car accident but then again, not really. I look out of the window and saw a young girl lying outstretched in front of car over a […]

Play kicks off

Another busy day ahead and its already 3:30pm, I should be saying that it was a busy day but after last night star party which went into the wee hrs of the night I didn’t start the day until 11am. Highlight for today is the kick off dinner for the play. After weeks of auditioning […]

Ode To My Pants

Oh, I just found something I wrote last winter. I called it an “Ode To My Pants”. It followed a discussion with Anke how it was time to get rid of my favourite pair of black jeans. It was not an easy decision to make and out of no where came this piece. As this […]

Star Party – Perseids

Things that are going on in my life are: 1. Preparing to direct my first play 2. Keeping the EUMETSAT astronomy club active 3. Keep from tearing out my hair, what little is left, from Treasurer role at Toastmasters 4. Full-time work in an IT Support job 5. Wanting to sing scat 6. Wanting to […]

What am I thinking?

I really don’t have time to blog. No, really…I don’t. This is surely just another form of procrastination, though a positive one. Its been on my mind to start a blog, for years actually. I started teaching business English in 2003 and online journals known as web log (blog) was one of the topics for […]