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Journal Entry 2 Dec 2011 – Start Jupiter mass determination exercise

Sky clearing, seeing good. 2DegC, 86% Humidity, 1011hPa Session stopped at 23:15hr with poor seeing. Temp 0.5 Deg C, 88% Humidity, 1011 hPa with fast approaching Sirus cloud and slight fog Objectives for tonight: Start Jupiter mass determination exercise Moon pics with Astrotrac and eyepiece projection Try out Helmut’s eyepiece reducer 1) Jupiter mass determination […]

To be or not to be

Ever since my Uni days, Theater has been very important to me. From Dopio Theater at Flinders Uni,  Desert Rose in Saudi Arabia, Lane Cove dramatic group in Sydney to the ESOC theater group in Darmstadt I have enjoyed the many productions and times together with people. More recently I have dabbled in music by […]

Maja checks out MERLIN

Merlin is Skywatcher’s new GOTO mount that fits on a table top. Its about 30 cm high and solidly made. The magic comes in when a camera is attached and MERLIN can goto any object in the night sky. Best of all, it can be controlled by PC. I configured Stellarium to talk to MERLIN […]

Maja at work with Ivan

Oh, its really nice to have Maja with me. So I took her to work and showed her around EUMETSAT. I told Maja about how we manage satellites that monitor the climate and especially the weather. Maja caused quite a stir by climbing on the models. Some of the models outside are HUGE! … and […]

Maja visits us for a few days

I am stacked that Maja can come over and stay with us for a few days! 🙂 Maja has become quite a local celebrity and when I asked if she could help me out to prepare for an upcoming Jazz event, well, I was overwhelmed that she could stay with us for a few days, […]

Insides out

Yet another speech without revealing what’s going on inside.  Its a common point of feedback that I get from my speeches. They lack a certain involvement of emotion. Sure, my talks are interesting to listen to, and apparently I make good connection with my audience but to a shrewd evaluator my speeches lack a personal […]

Don’t just stand there!

This afternoon I was sitting at the dining table tinkering with some electronics when out of no where came a clash of metal from outside. It sounded like a car accident but then again, not really. I look out of the window and saw a young girl lying outstretched in front of car over a […]

Play kicks off

Another busy day ahead and its already 3:30pm, I should be saying that it was a busy day but after last night star party which went into the wee hrs of the night I didn’t start the day until 11am. Highlight for today is the kick off dinner for the play. After weeks of auditioning […]

Ode To My Pants

Oh, I just found something I wrote last winter. I called it an “Ode To My Pants”. It followed a discussion with Anke how it was time to get rid of my favourite pair of black jeans. It was not an easy decision to make and out of no where came this piece. As this […]

Star Party – Perseids

Things that are going on in my life are: 1. Preparing to direct my first play 2. Keeping the EUMETSAT astronomy club active 3. Keep from tearing out my hair, what little is left, from Treasurer role at Toastmasters 4. Full-time work in an IT Support job 5. Wanting to sing scat 6. Wanting to […]