ReactionWheels as STEM project – draft

With ESA SpaceCamp 2018 coming up fast there’s renewed interest and motivation to explore how to make DIY reaction wheels on the cheap. Basic requirements for 1 axis reaction wheel stem project: Flywheel that can be accelerated in 1 direction by an electric motor. (reverse direction is optional) Motor mounted to a 1 unit frame […]

What’s up this month, June 2016

Looks like a good month to catch up on unfinished tasks before getting involved in new projects. Lets see if I can find a nice balance: CNC machines (about a year ago I fell in love with CNC machines as it combines all my interests in open hardware, open software, design, wood working and building) I […]

May 21 – Presentation workshop

Just finished another business presentations workshop. Thanks to all that came along. The emphasis of this workshop was MESSAGE and using BODY LANGUAGE. The workshop duration was 1 day and covered movement, voice, speech structure and delivery. I was very impressed with their drive to learn by doing and I think enjoyed the many exercises […]

What Stage are we on now?

The Day they Kidnapped the Pope – 2016 Cardinal O’Hara, The Day they Kidnapped the Pope – 2016 Alice in Wonderland – 2015 Blackrider – 2014


I like to think my workshops are just playgrounds to run around in, try things out and share the experiences with others.

How I became a mentor

Teaching comes easy to me. I like the chance to share what I’ve learnt and it started with my family. Being the son in a migrant family going to school was a window for my mother to see the new country. I shared idioms, stories, poems and especially science with my mother throughout my primary and […]

Tanzanian holiday – a must to return

Our trip is coming to a close but my heart has been won over by Tanzania. I have to come back! There have been so many highlights and hard to organise them here for you now. In short, come to Tanzania and experience it for yourself. I highly recommend Simba Tours for their professional and […]

Well, the sun is shining again and there’s clear skies to explore! After resigning myself to not getting the latest and greatest 3D Printer by Makerbot, the Replicator, I was pleased to see a TOM appear on ebay. To my joy and delight I won the bid and this weekend had the chance to put […]

Modded Webcam for Polar Scope

While waiting for the weather to improve I was browsing youtube for more info on how to improve my polar alignment and came across a few videos from Astronomy shed. His site is here and is worth a look when you have time:    I have since subscribed!  One of his projects is to […]